Now we’re talking; it’s survival time

When the two of us first got a house for the family with a fireplace, I didn’t trust any of the boys to get anywhere near the fireplace because obviously I didn’t want the house to burn down.

Well, our child became a boy scout as well as he rapidly received all kinds of amazing things.

When he was knocking out merit badges for the club, he asked me if I would teach him out to build a fire as that was something he had to quickly learn. I figured that he was responsible enough, so I taught him how to build the wood burning fire in the fireplace; He actually took to it right away. I even let him build the fire himself in the fireplace after that as well as I didn’t have to worry because I knew he wasn’t actually going to burn the locale down. I let him understand that one of the most important rules was to never leave a fire unattended. Eventually, I’m happy to say that I showed him how to build a fire in the fireplace the two of us have in the back. I showed him different types of styles when building a fire. I showed him the teepee category as well as he really liked that. He certainly thought the log chalet category fire was pretty cool. Eventually he was able to quickly acquire his merit badge for wilderness survival, and next he had to learn how to fix numerous appliances. I thought about a window cooling system unit. I realized that I had an outdated window cooling system unit stored in the garage that I was meaning to fix. The two of us worked together to properly service the window cooling system unit as well as I suppose the two of us both learned ourselves a few things.

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