I just did what I had to do

My Uncle has been living on his own for a long time.

He’s getting up there in age so I felt it was only right to check in on him from time to time and make sure he was alright.

I would bring him groceries as well as talk to him about things all of the time. This one recent afternoon, I decided I would check out his Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C proposal right away as well as make sure he had a fresh air filter. When I went down there, I could smell gas. I looked around as well as after that the two of us found that there was a gas leak in the house. I told our aunt that the two of us had to get out of the house right away. He seriously thought I was just joking at first but I said that there was gas leaking as well as the whole entire house could blow up or catch on fire. I realized it was a great system that I personally thought about the ventless gas furnace he had down there with the pilot light on and took action. I turned off the pilot so that the whole basement would not blow up. The two of us quickly got out of the house as well as I called up the emergency people to take care of the dangerous gas leak. All the windows were open for ventilation as well as the local emergency Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C workers were able to get to the property to shut off the gas leak. I didn’t want to be considered a hero or anything, but for some reason everybody kept telling me that.

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