The animals don’t know what to do

Lately the weather has been entirely strange and bizarre for the past few years.

I have noticed that even the birds outside are getting confused by the climate.

They don’t seem to believe whether they should fly south for the upcoming Wintertide or north while the two of us were in the Spring season. I can’t say that I actually can blame them because the two of us have had so many Wintertide season afternoons in the past decade that are incredibly sizzling as well as it doesn’t feel like Wintertide at all. Sometimes in the summer time it has been incredibly chilly out of nowhere. I don’t believe what’s really going on with the weather, but it’s even very strenuous for me to believe when to use our heating or cooling system. There was once a time when I would just keep our heating proposal on through the course of the cold, brutal winter, but lately, I have to turn off the heating proposal on various options through the entire fluctuating winter. There was even a time recently when I had to use our massive cooling system proposal in the winter! Now that’s something that I never thought I would personally have to do, but it entirely became that warm outside in the midst of September. So I’m saying now that I’m actually with the birds as well as other creatures outside when it comes right down to being legitimately confused about the seasons. It’s strenuous for anyone to tell these afternoons what season the two of us are in but at least I can save a little spare cash on our heating bills. I really don’t care about having to use the cooling system in the middle of the Wintertide though. I hope this doesn’t become a normal thing. My HVAC is confused.

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