All of us all live on bizarre levels for temperature control

I willbe the first lady to tell you that I am difficult to work with, but i have a lot of quirks plus anxieties that abruptly build up over time. I guess that I can be particularly challenging to compromise with or coexist with in any capacity. I also realize that I am seriously finicky when it comes to air quality control plus ideal air temperature ranges, and since I was a little child I have consistently been seriously cold. If I do not have heat blasting directly in our face I am really going to be shivering plus covered in Goosebumps. However, I do not want anyone else in our house to suffer through the abundant heat that I require for our currently regulated internal temperature, then this is why I have established our own hangout space on the top floor of the house, during the Winter all of our indoor heating efforts culminate in an seriously moderate space when you travel to the highest section of the building! All of the tepid air that we are creating with our forced air heating system promptly travels up to the sixth floor where I have established our office plus living room. This way, I do not have to crank up the heat in order to prefer a warmer indoor air temperature… Furthermore, our wife has taken to living in the basement where the air temperature is inherently chilly all the time without AC. After we established our living areas, our adolescents promptly filled in the middle level where the air temperature is moderate, however everyone has their own section of the house with their own temperature preference; No zone controlled Heating, Ventilation and A/C necessary.
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