Our Family Has Different Temperature Needs:

My family plus I are a bunch of misfits about the temperature.

I enjoy being cool and can’t sleep without a small fan blowing on me! My husband hates being frigid plus needs at least three blankets to sleep.

Our kids are also opposites, so everyone in the house has their own preference for the overall temperature. This can make road trips an absolute nightmare, because there’s never a moment where we’re all comfortable! Thankfully, our family can at least make sure that the air quality plus temperature of our home is kept comfortable for us. All we had to do was get a smart temperature control installed into the house, and having special zone-control temperature controls installed to each of our bedrooms. The zone-control temperature controls allow everyone to stay comfortable in our study rooms, as these individual temperature controls will let everyone adjust the temperature in their particular room. The settings can be overridden through the smart temperature control though, because it controls heating plus cooling for the entire house! We can also use the smart temperature control to make changes automatically just a few minutes before we arrive home, or switch it off shortly after we leave for work. The best thing about the smart temperature control is that it automates the heating and air conditioning for the house for us. All we have to do is set the thermostat up to monitor our preferences, plus in time it will run automatically based on our heat and air patterns. How cool is that? We’re hoping that this addition along with the zone-control temperature controls, will allow our family and I to find some relief without making each other uncomfortable.

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