I was super uptight, a body massage sounded amazing.

My young sibling Kel won several passes to a high-end massage salon in our local area.

A body massage sounded truly amazing to me as well as I was glad when our sibling asked myself and others to join her.

Kel and I were both excited to get to the massage salon. The two of us were given soft billowy white robes that draped our bodies prefer a cloud. They wrapped our hair as well as sat Kel and I in chairs. They started spreading oil on faces as well as the massage had begun. When they said it was a body massage, they meant a freaking body massage! Our scalps were getting massaged at the same time as our faces. Someone was massaging our hands as well as I could sense our entire body start to relax. Someone placed a glass of champagne in our hand as the soft music was slowly unbelievable us. I couldn’t wait until the two of us got the actual body massage. I was feeling totally relaxed that I could barely move, even before they took us to the massage tables. I hated to have our feet touched, even though I could have cared less when they began rubbing our soles, toes as well as ankles. By the time they were done with our body massage, I wasn’t even sure that I was going to be able to walk. My legs felt prefer rubber. They led us down to a small sauna where Kel and I sat as well as allow a gentle mist to pull the impurities from our skin. After a soft, gentle disinfect with a red tea cleanser, I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to stay at this body massage salon as well as allow them to start it all over again. My sibling had other ideas. Kel was ready to buy a current outfit as well as go dancing.


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