The baby got burnt on the heater

My sister and her husband have an old furnace in the house.

That house has a downstairs and an upstairs. Most of the time, the upstairs bedrooms are hot and humid, but the living room and the kitchen are still cold. Heat rises and that means most of the cold air remains downstairs. Instead of replacing the old furnace, my sister and her husband decided to buy a space heater for the living room and the kitchen. My sister bought a kerosene heater. The heater works extremely well and it puts out a lot of warm air. Unfortunately, it is a seriously dangerous hazard. My brother had his kids over to visit a few weeks ago and one of them got burnt on the kerosene heater. My brother went nuts and he started yelling and screaming at my sister. It certainly wasn’t her fault, but my brother was frustrated and he needed to vent. The baby had three long blisters on her leg. She didn’t go to the hospital, but she probably should have. The poor baby had blisters for ten days. My sister felt really bad and she immediately decided to get rid of the kerosene heater. She called the furnace repair company and made an appointment to have the furnace problems investigated. I really hope my sister will replace the equipment and get rid of those dangerous heaters once and for all. Those are the kind of heaters that cause house fires. They really shouldn’t be used in any residential homes if you are trying to be safe.


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