Cleaning Out The Neighbor’s Garage

I am a good person who likes to help people when I can with things. And when my neighbor came to me and asked if I could help him clear out his garage of a bunch of old junk, I agreed. So, the day to do it came and here I was helping my neighbor clear out this garage of his old junk. While going through everything, we ended up finding a few perfectly working HVAC products. We found a portable space heater, and a perfectly good as new window a/c unit! I asked him why both the portable space heater and the window air conditioning unit were just thrown into the garage like that if they were good as new. He told me that he had bought the portable space heater, and that it was not good enough to heat his home the way he needed. So, rather than bring it back to the store, he figured he’d store it away and maybe it could come in use to him or a friend some day. He said the window air conditioning unit was not actually his originally. It was givin to him by someone he knew that had a spare one. My neighbor said, that he has kept that window a/c unit around in the event that the HVAC system may go out on him, and not being able to get an HVAC specialist out right away. I thought this all made sense. I then asked him if I could have the space heater. With a smile he happily agreed, and gave me that old but good as new portable space heater as a way of saying thank you for the help!

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