I got a nice portable furnace because of helping out

I am a generally nice person who loves to help people when I can with things.

And when my friend came to me and asked if I could help him clear out his garage of a bunch of seasoned junk, I agreed to help out.

So, the morning to do it came and here I was helping my friend clear out this garage of his seasoned things. While going through all of the items, we ended up finding a few perfectly working Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment products… We easily found a portable area heater, and a perfectly nice window cooling system unit! I asked him why the portable area gas furnace and the window air conditioning equipment were just placed into the garage if they were nice as new. He explained to me that he had purchased the portable area heater, and that it was not nice enough to heat his property the way he needed. So, rather than taking it all the way back to the store, he figured he’d store it away and maybe it could come in use to him in time. He said the window air conditioning equipment was not really his originally. It was actually given to him by someone he knew that had a spare one available. My friend said that he has kept that window cooling system equipment around in the event that the Heating plus Air Conditioning system breaks down on him, and not being able to get a Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment specialist out instantly. I thought this all made sense for the most part. I then asked him if I could have the area heater equipment. With a smile he gladly agreed, and gave me that seasoned however nice portable area gas furnace as a way of saying thank you for the help with the garage!


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