An Interesting Flyer I Got In The Mail

One thing that annoys me a lot, is when you get those junk mail flyers in your mailbox.

I have so many of these things come through every single week, I have a trash can that is literally filled with all these stupid flyers that advertise useless products and services.

Why do they even bother doing this? Who knows, but I happened to get a flyer the other day that was both interesting and useful! It was like a major miracle had just came to me with these otherwise useless flyers. It was saying that my local heating and air conditioning provider was offering 60 percent off all seasonal HVAC tune-ups and repairs for a limited time. And that the offer was available exclusive to the flyer that came in the mail! It said to contact the local service provider for more information. Because I have been needing to get my yearly heating and cooling system tune-up, this was the perfect thing for me! I got right on the phone, called the number on the flyer, and I set up my discounted HVAC tune-up! I was thinking there was going to be some sort of catch. But lucky for me, this was just what the flyer said! The HVAC company was very friendly, and not to mention, very open with setting up the heating and air conditioning tune-up appointment for me. I was able to schedule a time that was convenient. I now will be sure to look at more flyers that come in the mail, and not throw them away first!

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