My parents do personal training

I spent numerous very long and arduous years in the military, but during that time, I spent a lot of days in the gym.

  • I worked on my physique and tone, and I ate right and exercised monthly.

I was only 2% body fat at 1 time. My parents thought it was silly to spend all afternoon at the gym, even though I was enjoying the atmosphere and the people. When I finished my numerous years of Duty, I went back house to live with my parents. I tried to find a civilian work, but it was entirely difficult. I joined a gym close to my parents home, and they provided me a work. I am 1 of the personal fitness experts at this certain Fitness branch. When purchasers want a personal training session, they hire a personal fitness expert. So far, I have 6 purchasers that pay for single session. I also teach 2 30-hour group training fitness classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Tuesday. One of the classes is a cycling group class, and 1 of the classes is a yoga for beginners class. I’ve taught a few group training fitness classes in the past, but this week will be the first time teaching a yoga class; Until the gym finds a full-time yoga teacher, the personal fitness experts have to each take a turn teaching the yoga for beginners class. It’s not too bad, because the clientele is usually energetic and fun. It will provide me something else to add to my extensive resume. Now I can add parti-time yoga teacher to my merits.