My brother should come back to Tampa to live with us

When my brother and I were little kids, our parents decided to sell the residence as well as move to Tampa Bay.

My mom’s brother was already living in Tampa Bay, as well as he got our mom a task working with him.

My dad already wanted to live in Florida, because he was raised on the Gulf waters. When our mom got a task working in Tampa Bay, our dad thought of it as a sign. My brother and I were easily furious, because the two of us were in high school at that particular time. My parents did not actually care that the two of us would be agitated for the last few years of high school. They hastily made the decision to move to Tampa Bay, Florida, separate from even talking to my brother as well as I first. We did not have any choice in this matter at all. We were required to move, but as soon as my brother graduated from high school, he decided to move back to our old home! He found a really nice place with a single one of his pals, as well as he started working at the local factory. My mom as well as dad wanted our brother to remain in Tampa Bay, as well as they weren’t happy to see him go. My brother has been gone for years now, as well as he doesn’t visit anymore! I think it’s expensive to travel all the way to Tampa Bay, Florida, however I have offered to pay for a bus ticket. Now that I’ve been here for a couple of years, Tampa Bay is starting to feel so much more like home. I couldn’t even picture myself living somewhere else. I absolutely love the ocean as well as the bay, as well as I even started going to see some of the Springs as of late. There is so much to see as well as do in Tampa. I miss my brother so much though, as well as I wish he would move back here with all of us.