I wish we didn’t have the kids with us at the beach

My fiance as well as I wanted to get away, so we made the decision to make reservations at the beach.

The kids were young, at 7 as well as 10 years of age, and we felt the beach would be an appropriate vacation destination.

My fiance as well as I made a long list of items that were needed for the trip. All of us took plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, as well as allergy medication. My fiance suffers from terrible pollen irritations, as well as we assumed the beach would cause them to act up a little bit. All of us packed plenty of items for the children, like video games, DVDs, as well as a few coloring books. All of us drove roughly 4 hours to our destination, however the automobile worked well as well as we got great gas mileage. When we made it to our destination, the kids were ready for bed, and everyone was tuckered out. We actually slept legitimately well on the first evening… When we woke up in the morning hours, we headed right down to the beach. Clearwater Beach was absolutely beautiful. The water was a lovely blue color as well as clear, as well as we could see shells, starfish, as well as even jellyfish. Even though it was the midst of the week, Clearwater Beach was still packed with a ton of people. My fiance as well as I didn’t want to let the kids out of our sight, as well as we were always nervous about there being so many people. Clearwater Beach was a charming vacation spot, however we would have had much more fun separate from having small children in tow. My fiance as well as I would care about visiting Clearwater Beach separate from the kids, when we can soak up the rays as well as take it easy in the sunshine. Regrettably, it was a mistake to take multiple small children to Clearwater Beach where it was entirely crowded.



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