I was not having fun at the game because it was too hot

I prefer seeing professional pigskin games. On Sunday, I spend most of the day simply watching pigskin. There are several games & I watch every single one of them. I also watch the games on Monday & Thursday. Many of my pals prefer university pigskin as well, however I keep my Mondays free so that I can enjoy surfing. It’s the only day during the entire week when I can go to the beach. Last season, my brother was able to get us tickets for a home game. I was easily joyful to attend the game. It was my first time in the venue. I didn’t completely know what to expect. It was loud & noisy & the venue was filled with so many people. I definitely could not see the field from the seats, so I watched the game on the jumbotron. To be perfectly honest, I would have preferred to watch the game from home. The weather that day was extremely hot & humid. I was miserable without AC equipment that worked. At my residence I could have sat under the A/C equipment air vent with the ceiling fan working. I went to the washroom a bunch of times so I could kneel in the A/C for a little amount of time. The washrooms were the only site in the stadium with AC equipment. My brother thought I had an aggravated stomach. I told him that it was likely the chili cheese fries, beer & huge bacon burger. I didn’t want to tell the guy that I was sizzling & not feeling well. I didn’t want his feelings to get hurt after he bought those awesome tickets to see the game.

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