I would have been fine at the game with some air conditioning

I care about watching professional pigskin games immensely.

I always spend all day watching pigskin on Sundays.

I watch every game on television, however I also watch the games on Mondays and Thursdays. A majority of my friends care about college pigskin as well, but I keep my Saturdays reserved for surfing. It’s the only day during the whole week when I am able to go to the beach! Last season, my brother got us tickets for one of the home games. I was tremendously excited to attend the game. It was my first time in the location. I really did not truly know what to expect. It was terribly loud and the location was filled with too many people. I genuinely could not see the field from the seats, so I watched most of the game on the jumbotron. I would have enjoyed myself more relaxing at home to be honest. The weather that day was overly warm and humid. I was agitated without a working AC machine. At my beach residence I could have sat under the AC air vent with the ceiling fan running. I went to the washroom a number of times so I could sit in the AC for a little while. The washrooms were the only location in the entire building with AC that was working. My brother thought I had an upset stomach. I pretty much told him that it was the chili cheese fries, beer and gigantic bacon burger. I did not want to tell the guy that I was way too tepid and aggravated. I did not want his feelings to get hurt after he bought those tickets to see the game.

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