How could they remodel a bathroom?

Since starting my bathroom remodel I have been thankful time and time again I am in shape.

I don’t know how someone out of shape could remodel a room.

There is so much physical labor that goes into tearing down and restarting a space. First, the tearing down of tile, cement board and laminate floors wasn’t easy. I had to swing a hammer for hours on end and pull pieces off with a cat’s claw. I also needed to bend and lift the heavy debris into garbage bags and walk them to my curb. I was constantly bending, lifting, pulling and swinging. It was a major arm workout. After everything was out, it was time to put new in. Drywall sheets are extremely heavy and you have to hold them up forever while someone drills them in. The new tile I choose isn’t exactly light. I am constantly moving boxes in, lifting my new vanity into the space and balancing on a ladder to put up a new light. Without strength, balance and stamina, I couldn’t successfully do this project. Since I am in shape though, I have saved a ton of money. I have done around 90% of the job myself and only hired a professional to hook up my plumbing and run electric lines. Other than that, I am doing it. I wonder what other women my age do. My peer group is either overweight or just stick thin. You need to have muscle tone to do the job right. No one I graduated with lifts weights like I do.



Personal Fitness Expert