A hospital uses so much AC

A lot of people savor to complain about how chilly hospitals are.

They really up the AC for a reason.

One reason is for the patients. The hospital does not want a patient perspiring and possibly hindering a dentists work. Imagine a big operating procedure where the person has sweat running down their skin. It would be distracting and super gross. The AC is to keep pretty much everyone from being too hot. Goosebumps are much easier to handle. Another reason is for the dentists. They are not allowed to sweat either. It just would look unsanitary if your dentist had tons of sweat on his upper lip. Also again, when operating you don’t want sweat dripping onto the patient. What stinks is that the operating tools really emit quite a bit of heat; So to combat the tool heating, the hospital has to up the AC even more in operating rooms. The last reason for heavy AC is really bacteria related. Mold, mildew and fungi savor warm, moist places. The air conditioning is meant to get rid of anything that could possibly grow in the building. The hospital even goes one step further and has UV lights installed in the cooling system. The lights scrub the air quality before it comes out of the system, making them better than a traditional UV air purifier. The lights are a government requirement for all hospital operating rooms too. So while it may stink to freeze the entire time through a check up, there is a reason for the lowered thermostat. I would rather be safe than sorry.



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