It wasn’t a hurricane, but I was still worried.

I trusted the HVAC technician, but I still wanted him to go over the air conditioner

One of the biggest investments you will ever make in your home is your HVAC system. The heating and air conditioning system isn’t the only expense, because you also have the cost of upkeep for the HVAC system, and the fuel to keep it running. You need to have your annual check-ups done, and you need to change air filters. With all the upkeep I do that has nothing to do with the HvAC company maintenance and repair, I was worried about my air conditioning unit. We had a horrible rain storm last night that knocked out the power. The rain seemed to be sheeting directly at my air conditioning unit. When the storm was over, I called the HvAC company to ask for a HVAC technician to inspect my air conditioning unit. I told him about the storm and how it had disrupted our power. I wanted to make sure my AC unit was okay. He assured me that unless it was a tornado and there was outer damage to the AC unit, there would be no damage. He said the Air Conditioning units were made to withstand all kinds of severe weather conditions. They were built to be outside. I trusted the HVAC technician, but I still wanted him to go over the air conditioner. He told me that other than a small wasp nest inside the unit, which he removed, the inside of the AC unit was still working. I asked him why it wasn’t running if it was okay? He went downstairs with me and told me that when the power went out, it tripped the breaker to the AC unit. One more thing I need to remember when there is a problem with the AC unit.

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