Smart temperature control makes life easier

My family is on a truly hectic schedule.

My fiance and I both work rather demanding jobs and long hours.

Our more than two men are all heavily involved in ice hockey. All of us spend a lot of time in the car, driving to practices, games and tournaments. It’s a struggle to manage typical household jobs such as mowing the lawn, keeping up with the laundry and basic cleaning. I am always looking for ways to make everyday life more convenient, and for quite a while, all of us got by with an old-fashioned manual temperature control. I’d need to remember to adjust the temperature before all of us left the apartment to conserve energy. I correctly forgot. My family would then spend all day at an ice rink, shivering, while the furnace was blasting and keeping our empty apartment perfectly warm. I knew all of us were wasting a tremendous amount of energy and money and putting needless wear and tear on our heating and cooling systems. If I managed to remember to change the temperature setting, we’d then come condo to either a cold or boiling house. The solution was a smart temperature control. Updating the temperature control cost me a couple hundred dollars however has saved much more than that on utility bills. I just like the ability to adjust the temperature control through an app on my smartphone. Plus, the temperature control automatically caters to the location of family members. It has a feature called geofencing that uses GPS to track the locations of our iphones. Even if all of us come condo earlier than expected, the temperature control manages the furnace or a/c so that all of us step inside to perfect comfort.


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