Heating and cooling system maintenance is essential

For any equipment that is used on a regular basis, proactive maintenance is essential to ongoing performance.

I know that it’s important to have the oil and filters changed in my vehicle.

Draining the water heater every year helps to prevent the buildup of sediment. Cleaning the lint trap and ventilation system of the dryer reduces the chance of malfunction and fire. Even the aerators on the kitchen and bathroom faucets benefit from timely cleaning. For the furnace and air conditioner, annual professional service is necessary to fulfill the warranty requirements. Without a record of yearly upkeep, the warranty coverage no longer applies and any replacement parts will be my expense. I have signed up for a service agreement with a local HVAC company. I get a call in the spring and fall, reminding me that it’s time to schedule a maintenance appointment. The service process typically takes a little over an hour. The technician inspects all components for wear and tear. If there are any signs of a problem, he makes repairs or adjustments to prevent a more costly problem later on. He also completes a thorough cleaning, removing any buildup of dust, mold growth and other contaminants. This ensures maximum airflow through the system. The furnace and air conditioner don’t need to run as long, use as much energy or work as hard to maintain ideal comfort. I pay less in energy bills every month and have fewer concerns with indoor air quality. The technician also tightens electrical connections, tests refrigerant, verifies the safety of the heat exchanger and lubricates moving parts. He changes air filters and checks out the ductwork and the thermostat. Because of the regular service protocols, the furnace and air conditioner operate more reliably and should last longer.

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