The dog loves the gas fireplace

His fur gets so hot that I worry he’s going to catch fire or burn himself.

I have a fourteen-year-old poodle named Oscar. We’ve had the dog since he was just a puppy, and he grew up with my kids. Oscar is definitely part of the family and thoroughly loved and cared for. Now that he’s gotten older, he has some trouble with his hearing, vision and getting around. I make sure to carry him up and down the stairs. In the winter, we get a great deal of snow in my local area. The accumulation adds up to multiple feet and is quickly much taller than the dog. I need to shovel him a path outside. We also get temperatures down to twenty-five below zero. Our winter seasons tend to last for about eight months. Although my house is equipped with a forced air furnace, we also have a natural gas fireplace in the living room. The fireplace provides ambience, additional heat and allows us to keep just the living room warmer than the rest of the house. This is especially helpful for our dog. Oscar tends to get cold very easily. He often shivers. I’ve invested into a wardrobe of fleece jackets and sweaters for the dog. He gets excited to put on his outfits. He also has a very nice bed that we’ve set directly into front of the gas fireplace. He snuggles into his bed and naps with the heat blowing directly on him. His fur gets so hot that I worry he’s going to catch fire or burn himself. When he comes in wet from outdoors, he immediately runs to his bed. If the fireplace isn’t running, he barks at me to start it up. I typically keep the fireplace operating and adjusted to a higher thermostat setting for the sake of the dog.
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