Glad I went for heated flooring

The first thing I did when moving into my home was redo the floors.

It was all old, brown carpet and I hated it. The living room and hallway rug were light brown and the bedrooms were a slightly darker brown. It was so icky looking. I also didn’t want to move in and be living with the previous owners dirt, hair and dust. I wanted to remove it and start fresh. I decided tile floors would look modern and really freshen up the house. The carpets went up and the cement board went down. Thankfully a buddy of mine asked if I was going to put down radiant heating. He told me that I was literally in the one time of my life that I could install them. You need to rip up floors to put down this heating system. Radiant heating also works best with tile which is what I was using. I looked up the cost of the heating system and it doubled the flooring budget. I also knew it would double the time and work for me. However, I decided to go for it. The house had central heating and if I messed up, I would use that. Adding radiant floors would only add value. Well, now I just love having heated flooring. I use it all the time. It is nice getting out of bed to heated flooring. I love laying on the floor to pet my cat and feel the heat under me. The couch, chairs and even kitchen table feel warmer because they sit on the heated floors. It is a silent, clean and efficient heating option.

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