Home projects, dust and ductwork cleaning

I do a lot of home projects.

I am constantly getting into something that requires tools, work clothes and me being a mess.

When I first moved into my home I scraped all the popcorn ceilings. In the hallway and kitchen I mudded the ceiling and sanded it. I wanted the surface to be smooth and look modern. That created a ton of white dust. I wiped all the surfaces and washed what I could see. The issue is that the dust sucked up into my ductwork. I was getting a layer of film on my surfaces anytime the heating and cooling system turned on. I finally called for HVAC duct cleaning and solved the issue. Shortly afterwards I sanded my wood walls and painted them. Then I sanded my doors and painted. After that, I knew I needed to get my ductwork washed again. You are supposed to wait seven years, but after all that dust, I needed it. Now I am at another stage within the same year that I am going to call for ductwork cleaning. I recently gutted my bathroom and added all new fixtures. I also am in the process of ripping out my kitchen. I will be sanding and mudding in that space too. I think once I am done remodeling I will get one final ductwork cleaning appointment and leave my ducts alone for a few years. I am hoping I won’t create anymore dust, debris and dirt. I want to actually enjoy having clean indoor air quality for once. I also need to lay off the projects and enjoy just having a new house.

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