Honeymoon cottage looks like it will be great

My fiance and I are going to elope to a different state in order to get married.

I want the day to be casual and yet perfect.

I don’t want a bunch of flowers, decorations and fuss, but I want it special. I am going to hire a photographer, get a cake, have a few flowers to hold and a nice dinner at the end of it. Also, I rented out the honeymoon cottage on the property where we are getting married. The honeymoon cottage is adorable. It is a cute little house that has everything we could want. There is a giant, deep soaking tub. There is a cute little table overlooking the property where we could eat our wedding cake and have champagne. I also like the centrally located fireplace. Having a heating system will be amust. The heater is going to get used since my fiance and I are getting married in the winter. I think turning on the fireplace, curling up on the couch with a drink will be fun. I have talked to the owner of the property and he assured me the heater is good. He talked all about flue systems and gas hookups and I just said okay. I think I might even want a picture of the heating system. It looks so rustic and cool. It has a brick surround, a glass front and a wood ledge. I think in my white dress and my fiance’s suit it will look really nice and fit the whole flair of our day. Hopefully the heater does work as well as the guy says. Having a cold honeymoon cottage would be the worst.
HVAC tech