My major projects I have going on

I make myself do two major projects a year.

One is an indoor project and one is outdoor.

During the summertime I can’t physically stand to be outside since it is so hot. The heat, sun and humidity would kill me. So I let myself do a big project indoors with the AC blowing on me. Last year I gutted and remodeled my master bathroom. I added a penny tile floor, a glass shower and a marble top vanity. This year I think my project will be a kitchen remodel. I need to get new counters, cabinets and appliances. It will have to be totally ripped out and replaced. The AC will need to be working hard since the door will open and close constantly. I also know that ripping out cabinets and flooring is going to be physically demanding. The outside project always happens in the wintertime. I don’t need to curl up with a hot cup of tea and be by the heater. I don’t mind being a little cold. I avoid the heating system and make myself work outside. Last year I cut down all the front shrubs and added flower gardens. This year I think I am going to paint the outside of my house. I know, a lofty goal. I needed to do window trim and the whole house. It is going to take weeks of painting. I think reading a book in front of my gas fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa will be my reward. I think I will enjoy just lazing the winter season away after all that work.

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