Different problems in the south

Moving down south was the right decision.

I still stand by it.

I hated the northern ice, snow and cold. I hated that my heating system would need to be switched on as early as October and I couldn’t turn it off until late May. I hated that a/c was basically worthless because the nights got chilly. Living in the south means that there is no snow, ice or harshly chilly days. I can get by with a heat pump as my main heating source. The AC is intense here though. I run my cooling system as early as April and it doesn’t let up until around December. It is basically the reverse here. I hate to complain about the sunshine and the heat since I never used to get it. However, the hot times in the south are rough. It is annoying to me that certain days I can’t go without a/c. If I drive my car for even five minutes I need to ensure the cooling system is on. If I get stuck sitting outside at a restaurant, I know I am sweating through my clothing. My husband and I are nuts about keeping our AC in good working order. It needs to be cleaned, lubricated and has plenty of refrigerant. Going a day without AC in the summer wouldn’t be possible. Since it is mostly warm in our area too, getting an appointment for the cooling system isn’t easy. We would be waiting days before an air conditioning business could get to us. It is best to ensure that it never happens.


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