Spent my whole trip worried about the a/c unit

My husband and I do the snowbird thing.

During the spring and summer we are in the north and the colder seasons the two of us live down south. I love my little southern home. I like that it is easy to clean, near my kids and I have lake access. I basically want to be there year around now. Sometimes I cheat and do a quick trip during the summer season. I did that recently and arrived at my beach house and realized it was super hot. I had to clean the corners, ceiling and floors because there was mold. I turned on the a/c system and realized that only warm air came out of the vents. I started messing around with the thermostat but it wasn’t the problem. The thermostat told me it was 80 degrees and lowering it did nothing. I checked to see if the air filter was dirty, the condensate drain was blocked or that the AC was a block of ice. Nope, it looked totally fine. I only had 10 days planned for my summer trip. I really didn’t want to mess around with an AC repair. However, I didn’t want to come back to my southern home and not have working HVAC. I wasn’t even sure if the heater was affected. So I spent days on the phone and a whole day babysitting a HVAC contractor to get my machine up and running again. It was time consuming, expensive and tedious. By the time the AC worked, it was time to go home. Not my best trip.

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