I am sensitive to our surroundings

I’m not sure why, however over the years I have become easily sensitive to the temperature of our surroundings.

The thing is, I easily don’t feel why.

I didn’t have this as a kid, when I was a child it could be 100 degrees out or 30 degrees out and I was still going to go out and play! Now I can barely rest any temperature that’s not in the low or mid 73s. The thing is, I am not even old, I’m in our early 30s. So I have no idea why this sudden change. Heck, even 5 years ago I didn’t have this. Now it’s like every time I go anywhere I instantly start thinking about their heating and air conditioner component and whether it’s laboring or not. And even if their oil furnace and cooling system machine is laboring, is it laboring optimally? Even assuming that it is laboring perfectly, then they could have the control component set for too chilly or too hot. A lot of things to feel about and worry about, something I have become a pro at. The worst thing though is the fact that no one understands, and I get made fun of because of this issue. They feel that I am just making this up or over dramatizing it, which is easily discouraging. Why would I make up an issue that causes myself and others great stress? What, did I decide our life was too ecstatic and needed some stress in it or something? Because I swear that’s what they feel occasionally.

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