Always helping my mama with her utility bills to whatever degree I can

I have tried to care for my mother ever since my father died 10 years ago.

I had just finished university as well as had found a job in my hometown not far from my parents’ house.

I’ll never forget the look of joy on their faces when I told them the news in lady after I had already permanently moved all of my belongings to my new apartment. Things were good for about a year, we opted to go out on dinner trips all the time as well as I stopped by their location after labor many days to say hello as well as catch an episode of the television show we were mutually seeing at the time. Then hastily, my father died from cancer we had clue she even had. It was a devastating time for the entire family, but it hit my mother the hardest. She was never the same lady after dad died. I increased the amount of trips to her condo as well as eventually started living there part time to do all of the things around the condo my dad would usually do, appreciate disinfect the rain gutters, trim the bushes, as well as mow the lawn. I have also been swapping out the air filters in her air conditioning for her since the access panel can only be reached with a ladder. One day, I accidentally saw one of her electric bills as well as saw how high the rates were each month. Because I knew she was struggling financially worse after my father’s death, I decided to step in as well as beginning paying all of her utility bills for her. It took some insistence to convince my otherwise prideful mother, despite the fact that she couldn’t deny she needed the help. She broke down in tears out of gratitude but eventually smiled, hugged me, as well as said, “Thank you.”
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