You have to learn to have a career you can enjoy

This happens to be a quote I saw in the bathroom in a cafe where I used to do open mics back about 13 years ago.

It made me rethink my goals in life & switch from chasing the American Dream to pursuing the arts just for the love of it.

Ever since changing to this field, life has taken me on some pretty crazy rides across the globe. I’ve done comedy in a bunch of different countries & experienced a lot of things I wouldn’t have if I chose to stay in my engineering work. I guess life is about experiences & connections & I’m deciding to go for it all. But when it comes to heating repair & maintenance, I do not really believe I want to experience any of the headaches of doing it myself. There are a bunch of people who easily know way more than I do about repairing these complicated systems & it gives me more time to focus on the things that genuinely matter, such as the pursuit of a romantic work. I can’t actually imagine being a heating & cooling professional when what I genuinely appreciate doing is performing on stage. I was a painting professional 20 years ago before deciding to jump into comedy & I was pretty unhappy because I knew there was more to life than what I was doing. You have to be able to find something that energizes you & for some it may be repairing oil furnaces & other styles of heating systems, which is fine. Just listen to your heart & let it guide you in the direction which will make you the happiest you can be. If your dream is to own a heating machine dealership then go for it!

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