Which Path to Take; An HVAC Repairman or a Monk?

I live a simple life nowadays.

I have no kids, no car, no toys, and no wife. I guess I have kept it this way to give me more freedom in my life. There can be loneliness too though, which is the hardest part of my simple lifestyle. I have no kids calling me on my birthday and vice versa. I guess there are pluses and minuses to either type of lifestyle, so you pick your path and travel in that direction. I have friends with kids who are totally happy and other friends with kids who are miserable and tired. My HVAC technician seems to be very content with his wife and three kids. He’s always talking about them and the things they did over the weekend and sometimes I feel a bit jealous. I can just see him and his family sitting around the fireplace in his cozy house laughing and connecting with one another. It makes me wonder sometimes if I would have been happier in a lifestyle like his but I will never know. He took me to his house the other day and showed me the latest HVAC technology that he installed. His house is always nice and warm in the winters and I wonder how much he spends on his power bills each month. Maybe he knows so much about heating and cooling systems because he has to work so much to afford this type of life he’s living. I don’t think I would have the energy to do what he does, I’m more of a monk deep inside.

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