Dad broke his ankle cleaning out the air ducts at the cabin

Dad broke his ankle when he was cleaning out the air ducts at the cabin a couple of weeks ago.

  • Being a new year, he knew that he wanted to get his air quality up to speed inside of his cabin.

Dad had been reading about how having clean air ducts can really help you with your air quality. So, he decided that he wanted to have clean air ducts too. However, dad did not really want to pay a professional Heating and A/C expert to come and do the air duct cleaning for him. He said that he was going to wash his air ducts himself. But, when it comes right down to it, cleaning air ducts is not really a do-it-yourself kind of task. Of course, dad found this out the hard way after he had already started trying to do that air duct cleaning himself. Little did he realize that it requires special sorts of tools such as high powered vacuums and different types of rotary brushes. Dad didn’t have these kinds of things lying around the cabin. It’s just so much easier for a professional from an HVAC company to do this since they have the respected genre of tools at the ready. Anyway, while dad was trying to save about $300 on air duct cleaning, he ended up tripping over the vacuum cord while he was on the ladder in the upstairs hallway and broke his ankle. What a pain this whole experience has turned out to be for him. Dad saw it was better having a professional come to wash the heating and cooling system ducts at the cabin.

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