Cooling for a cause

Our town just celebrated its one hundred and fiftieth year.

Many of the businesses and churches in our area hosted old time games and events to help with the celebration.

One of the organizations used the time to hold a fundraiser to help with the replacement of the City Hall tower clock. They came up with a very clever way to do this. They were selling spray bottles with fans attached to them. Once you purchased the bottle you could go into the cooling tent and spray yourself down to lower your body temperature. Since the temperatures were in the nineties, you can only imagine the line to get in the place. The cost was five dollars per person and they raised well over their goal during the festival. They had an agreement with the clock company that said if they raised half the money the company would donate the rest. It will be exciting to see the old clock working again and hear it chime the hour again. It hasn’t worked in nearly twenty years so many of the younger residents don’t even know that it does that. Who would have thought that such a creative way to raise money would work so well. Simply renting an HVAC cooling unit, setting up a tent to house it, and selling those water bottles worked like a charm. The rental fee was really reasonable and one of the members of the organization already had the tent. The only costs were the rental and the cost of the water bottles. People were more than willing to help out with the cause and they loved being able to duck inside the space. Many people even paid several times to do this.
Cooling system