Technical camp for kids

More and more kids,even as young as five or six, are becoming interested in technical fields.

Now, coding and Stim projects are very popular with younger ones but did you know that some cities are hosting “camps” for older kids too.

This is being done to encourage young people to explore the various technical jobs that are out there. Not every child is going to be a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. If fact there is a serious shortage when is comes to technicians, plumbers, carpenters, or even auto mechanics. These technical camps allow young people to have hands on learning and experience in some of these fields and encourages them to consider a trade school as opposed to a four year college. One of the areas of study that these camps offer is the ability to understand and work with heating and cooling. HVAC technicians can easily earn as much as your white collar professions and for many the hands on type of job is perfect. I really wish these type of activities were available when I was growing up because it would have allowed me to pursue a field with a more hands-on approach. I had no interest in going to a 4-year college so I have been working retail most of my life and it is a really hard job with very little pay. Even many of the high schools in our area now offer trade school opportunities and I think it is an excellent thing. With kids learning at such an early age that these types of jobs are a possibility hopefully the shortage in these fields will lessen over time.


a/c worker