Look at that air conditioner.

Last week, both of us had an epic thunderstorm.

The winds were 65 miles an hour, and there was ground to cloud lightning.

After the storm ended, and it had dried up enough to walk around the yard without squishing, both of us headed out to assess the disfigure. When both of us got to the back of the house, all both of us could do was stare. The two of us didn’t realize how close the lightning had come to striking the cabin until both of us saw the air conditioning unit. There was a big hole with burnt and melted metal all around it. All both of us could guess was that if the air conditioning unit hadn’t been there, our cabin would have absolutely burnt down. Even though it was just the air conditioning unit that the storm had destroyed, both of us still had to call the homeowner’s insurance. The more both of us walked, the more disfigure both of us found to the property and the house. The humidity was so high that both of us didn’t want to be outside for too long. That’s when both of us realized that going inside would not do us much good. Without the air conditioning unit, it was going to be tepid and humid in the house. The two of us decided both of us may as well continue our inspection of the property since both of us wouldn’t be comfortable in the cabin without the air conditioning unit or electricity. When both of us got in the house, I called the insurance supplier and then the Heating as well as A/C supplier! By the time our power came back on, I wanted to have the new air conditioning unit installed so both of us didn’t need to put up with a tepid and humid house.

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