HVAC company really came through for me

It’s not easy moving from somewhere you really love and a place where you want to stay for the rest of your life. So I had a great deal of compassion for my mom when she moved down here to all this HVAC cooling. She’s from up north and has lived with winters that need a gas furnace or a boiler since she was born. But these days, she’s just not able to live up there like she did. I’m the only child and mom is at an age where living near me made more sense. She likes it down here but hates the summer heat. Well, who doesn’t hate the summer heat. I’ve been down here a long time now so I guess I sort of accept it now. The spring is when I sort of acclimate to the rising temperatures by leaving the thermostat alone. I don’t go right for the air conditioning in the spring. That makes the heat easier to accept and it sure keeps the HVAC cooling costs down. When I moved my mom into the condo she’s in this spring, she went hard and deep on the air conditioning right away. I tried to explain to her that this was going to make the summer tougher. But in a way, it was a blessing because we were forced to replace the heat pump sooner rather than later. The heat pump gave out just a few weeks ago and it was going to be at least a month before the new HVAC unit could be installed. Yet, the HVAC company really came through for us. The HVAC company supplied 3 mobile air conditioners for mom’s condo while she waited for the new residential HVAC to arrive.

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