It defeats the purpose to use your HVAC with the windows open

If you are actually experiencing problems heating and cooling your property and everything is working right with your central heating and a/c equipment, chances are the actual drawback is with your windows! First off, you should never leave a window open while using your central heating and a/c equipment… This totally defeats the reason for having heating or air conditioner equipment.

Second off, a lot of times people do not actually know that the window is opened because it may not have shut respectfully and could still be cracked to some degree.

You absolutely must always double check this before turning on your central heating and a/c equipment. Also, you may want to check your weather stripping on the window. This could also be a major problem and make your central heating and a/c equipment not work right in terms of air flow and heating or cooling your property. All of these things are a major thing! Not only that, but when there is outside air seeping in from the windows it also causes the central heating and a/c to work overtime. And this could lead to the motor of your central heat and a/c equipment burning itself out. So it is totally pressing to always check those windows in your property and make sure they are completely closed off! I started doing this after I ended up almost killing our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment as a result of a weather stripping issue with our bedroom windows, but I have been undoubtedly aware of all of it since that time.


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