In the middle of my journey

I was on a long distance road trip last summer and the most messed up thing happened mid way through the drive.

The air conditioning in my mobile home I was driving broke down! With it being as hot as it was having no air conditioning was going to become a dangerous thing if I did not get it fixed as soon as possible.

I was lucky that I had a portable air conditioning system tucked away in a compartment in the mobile home, however that wasn’t going to keep the mobile cool for a long period of time since it was an old and not very powerful portable air conditioning system. So I had to find the nearest auto shop along the way and have the central heating and air conditioning system in the mobile home completely repaired. I luckily found one about an hour after the air conditioning went out. This little pit stop cost me several hours of time that was not planned and I had to go and hang out at a local diner while it was being worked on. But by the end of the day the central air conditioning within the mobile home was repaired and I was back on the road. A bit behind schedule, but I was just thankful that I found somewhere fast to have that central air conditioning fixed. It could have been a lot worse. I can only imagine if I had to go a whole day without having the air conditioning fixed. Like I mentioned, the portable air conditioner would not have worked for long. So it all worked out for the best thankfully!


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