Cleaning my Ionizer Air Purifier plus Relaxing a Bit

I’ve been having some inner turmoil over neglecting my dreams so it is time to solve the problem. I’ve been meditating a lot lately to try to calm this negativity plus discover where it is coming from. I work each day for the local company plus when I get lake house I can suppose a sense of anger welling up in me. I know it is from not doing what my heart is telling myself and others to do, most likely because of fear plus a lack of motivation. I need to keep working at the heating plus cooling business each day to pay my bills although I also need to lean in the direction of my dreams so they don’t slip away plus turn myself and others into a bitter ancient lady. I’ve seen this happen with multiple people, becoming bitter because of the regrets they’ve piled up over time. My Heating plus Air Conditioning rep friend is a easily nice listener plus she has also helped myself and others understand where my anger comes from plus how to address it. I am going to take some steps in the direction of my dreams plus see if this anger subsides. I suppose I just got distracted from my mission plus got a little lost along the way. My Heating plus Air Conditioning expert friend helped myself and others so much because at least now I suppose what I have to do to suppose better about myself plus dissolve some of this anger. I’m still studying about life at the ripe ancient age of 55, plus I am also actually grateful I got the task at that Heating plus Air Conditioning business plus met my friend.
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