It was rough removing that wood stove

When I moved into my home there was a hideous wood stove in the middle of the living room.

The previous owner made it fully functional too.

It was vented through the wood ceiling and onto the roof. Removing that heating system was such a pain. It had to go through. First it wasn’t large enough to serve as the home heating system. It actually was a wood stove made for a hunting shack or small cabin. Next, we already owned a central heating device. There was no need for another heater. Third, the owner built the wood stove on a brick pad that sat above the carpet. It took up so much room and was in the middle of the living room. It wouldn’t have been impossible to put the TV anywhere. Lastly, I hated how it looked. So I had it removed. I needed to pay a guy to patch the wood ceiling and roofers to fix the roof. I had to rip out the brick pad and redo my living room carpet. Then I needed to find someone who would take the heater. I thought my HVAC business would be glad to have it. Turns out it was too small and old for them. It was in perfect condition, the previous owner hadn’t even used it! So I was able to sell it online for a guy’s fishing shack and make some money on it. It didn’t end up paying back what I spent in labor though. It was such a horrible part of my beautiful home.


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