Needed a heater for the pool

When I bought a swimming pool I didn’t spend money on the right things.

I was really concerned with the pavers around the pool.

I wanted poor white and high quality. I didn’t think about the fact that I need to pressure wash and seal them constantly to look nice. I also was big about a diving board and steps to the pool. Those don’t really matter now. I also nixed the pool heater to save some money. For a while I just wasn’t able to swim due to it being too cold. The nights got kool and the winter season boxed me out. I wanted to add a pool heater later but couldn’t get the right one. I then realized I had the power to heat my pool right in my own home. I own a boiler system and it can do literally anything. Your boiler can serve as the family hot water heater. It can be hydronic heating flooring, towel warmers or a snowmelt system. It also can be a pool heater. I called the HVAC company right away when I figured it out. Working with the HVAC business was way better than the pool company too. These guys were friendly, local men that knew their stuff. They got the piping hooked right up to my pool and got me heating within the day. I now have a perfectly heated pool whenever I want. I swim basically all year since the boiler system keeps it at the right temperature. It is the best feature of my pool.

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