Glad we got a smart thermostat

Changing over to a smart thermostat was easier and better than I expected.

  • For years my husband and I relied on a basic dial thermostat.

It was beige with a plastic toggle. You couldn’t have specific temperatures like 74 degrees. You could set the thermostat in a range of 60, 70, 80 and 90. That is a very big temperature swing. The placement of the thermostat isn’t really good. The toggle was easy to bump. Frequently I would walk into my house and realize the heater was running full power in the summer. My husband would brush the toggle and it would be set to 90 degrees. My husband also had trouble reading the temperature settings. When I started remodeling the house I knew it had to go. I couldn’t have an ugly, dated thermostat in a brand new hallway. I added new floor tile, scrapped the popcorn ceilings and sanded smooth and painted all the walls. I even added new outlets, switch plate covers and recessed lighting. The whole hallway was variations of white and gray. The thermostat was the last step. Changing to a smart thermostat was quite easy. I picked it due to the color scheme and how modern it looked. Now I am glad I have this thermostat due to the features. It learns customs heating and cooling programs. It tells me about air filter changes and energy efficient settings. It also shows me the weather outside. I can run it from my phone or if I really want to, gently touch the dial to change the temperature.


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