Can’t wait to have ductless HVAC

Someday I am going to have ductless HVAC in my home.

I hate that my house’s HVAC is a central heating and cooling system.

My husband runs just a bit hotter than a normal person. That means that 99% of the year he wants the air conditioner on. In the dead of winter he will hardly use our heating system. He refuses to be slightly uncomfortable in the house too. That means I am blasted with AC day in and day out. I wear long pants and a jacket inside my home during the summertime. I just freeze to death at night. Once the HVAC system breaks, I am turning it into a ductless unit. I want to close off the vents and have indoor air handlers in every room of the house. They each would get their own thermostat which makes my house zone control capable. My husband and I already have separate rooms because of temperature control and him snoring. When I get a ductless mini split, I can actually turn off the AC in the summer and turn on the heater in the winter. My husband can blast AC in his office all summer long and I won’t have to be cold. Zone control is said to be very energy smart. You don’t waste energy heating and cooling unused rooms. Also, since my husband is the only one in the house most of the day, only a single space really needs AC. Right now we are paying to heat a large home for no reason.

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