Replacing the boiler was a mistake

My house came with a boiler system when I moved in.

The ugly boier was situated in the basement and the heated air came up through grates in the floor.

It looked so bad. I ended up closing all the grates but the main one right in the middle of the living room. That wasn’t my smartest move. The boiler isn’t as effective and my house was always cold. The moment the oiler died I couldn’t wait to get something else. I should have talked with a HVAC dealer about different types of boilers. I could have gotten a more modern one that wouldn’t require the vents. I could have done baseboard heating, radiators for hydronic heating with a boiler system. Instead I went with a gas fireplace. I closed up the last grate and put in a gas powered fireplace. Yes it looks gorgeous and offers a place to stand now in my living room. The fireplace is pretty weak and all the heated air rises to the ceiling. I had to get a ventless heater for the kitchen and I added a space heater to my downstairs office. I now have three heaters working before I realized one. My electric bill is quite large now. I also don’t like all the heaters taking up space in my home. I regret my hasty decision to no longer own a boiler system. Everything I read online says that boilers are some of the more superior heating systems. I replaced my boiler with something that isn’t really meant for homes that experience high periods of cold.

Dual fuel system