Changing from heating to air conditioning

When I lived up north all I focused on was heating.

I had three different heaters in my home in order to warm up my house properly.

It wasn’t that my house was so poorly insulated, it was that the cold war was that bad. The temperatures would drop into the negative twenties most of the winter. The ice and windchill were just brutal. Summer would be maybe two months and not be that hot. I never owned a pool or an air conditioner. There simply wasn’t a point. The north is just varying degrees of cold. No homeowner would need an air conditioner anymore than they would need a pony. When I moved to the south I wasn’t prepared for the drastic climate change. I knew I wouldn’t get snow, ice and severe cold anymore. I just didn’t realize I was trading the freezing cold and focusing on heating to severe heat and AC. The winter season feels like a northern summer. I wear shorts and get a tan outside. When it starts to hit summertime I really suffer. My air conditioner has to work 90% of the year. I frequently have days when I can’t go outside because it is so hot outside. I don’t lay in direct sunlight during the summer and need to properly hydrate. I basically go from one AC location to the next. The heater that I own barely has to operate. There was maybe one week this year that I was glad my HVAC unit did offer a heat option.

Ductless mini split