The kitchen remodel isn’t going well

I get into a remodeling kick about once a year.

I like to pick out a room, gut it and totally revamp the space.

I replace windows, get new light fixtures, add heated flooring to the space and a fresh coat of paint. Slowly my house is turning into a beautiful space. Right now I am working in the kitchen. I am not going to lie, I am getting pretty discouraged. Due to COVID a ton of things were on backorder and didn’t come for months. Also, because of the recession, tons of products were suddenly higher in price. My budget had to be doubled due to the way the world is now. Nobody wants to work anymore either. Hiring things out has been impossible. I am nearly done with my kitchen but things are still difficult. My cabinet maker messed up the doors on my uppers. So I have been waiting for replacements for a week. The countertop guy cut the counters wrong and they don’t fit. So now I am waiting on those. The only thing that went well was the heating installation. I gutted the space and then had a HVAC contractor lay down heated mats for radiant heating. The guy was so great. The HVAC dealer came right away and did the installation in one day. He actually showed up on time and prepared to work. My heated flooring works like a charm and the price was what I expected. Everything else has been horrible though. I wish all the other businessmen were like my HVAC dealer.


a/c representative