Someday I am getting zone control

When I lived in a rental home I didn’t do anything around the house.

I didn’t purchase any plants, knick knacks or even paint the place.

I had no interest in making the home look nice. Now that I own a home, all bets are off. I am insane when it comes to remodeling. I have been going room by room making it more modern. All I have is the main bathroom left at this point. There are still tons of things that I want to update someday. I want new windows throughout the house. My current ones are old and let out the air my HVAC system produces. They also aren’t easy to open and always look dirty. I also want to change our water heater to a tankless model to free up closet space. Someday my HVAC system is going to die too. I don’t want to own a central heating and cooling unit. I feel it makes no sense to have the home one centralized temperature. I want a ductless HVAC unit that is capable of zone control. I want to have indoor air handlers and a thermostat in each room. That is so I can have heating at night in my room and my husband can blast AC in his room. We both work from home and would like to have different office temperatures. There are also tons of rooms that aren’t used and are getting HVAC at this point. It is a waste of money providing heating and air to unused spaces. At this point I just need to wait though. My current HVAC unit still works fine.


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