Just using a dehumidifier

My husband, Vincent, plus I have been married for almost fifteen years now.

It is crazy how fast time flies by, then both of us purchased the home that all of us are living in now about numerous years ago.

It was the perfect size for us back then, but it is a tad small now, but when all of us moved in, all of us had numerous children, plus all of us thought that all of us were done. Both of us had a surprise child numerous years ago, plus now, it would be nice to have more space… Our oldest is getting ready to graduate highschool, so all of us decided that all of us would just stay in the home that all of us are in now. I entirely care about the house. It may be small, but small is homey to me. The only room that entirely needs a wonderful remodel is the powder room. I would love to add a minute powder room as well. Our powder room now is quite small, plus it gets actually humid plus muggy in there. The fan in the powder room stopped working, plus my husband was not able to service it, so all of us purchased a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier worked quite well for a few months. It got rid of most of the leftover moisture in the powder room. It took quite a bit longer than the fan did which surprised myself and others quite a bit. Both of us ran it 24/7, plus after a few months of use, it offered up the ghost. Both of us purchased a nicer dehumidifier the minute time, plus it has been working good for awhile now. The only issue is that the powder room is small, plus the dehumidifier is quite large, so it takes up a bit more floor area than what all of us would like. I cannot wait to remodel that powder room plus potentially add a minute one.

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