New fireplace stinks

I have been wanting to build my own condo for so time now.

I have saved up for years to build my own home, plus I was finally able to start about fourteen months ago; Everything is finished except for a few things on the minute floor. I have constantly wanted an open floor system downstairs, plus that is exactly what I ended up going with. The kitchen, kitchen, plus kitchen are all one big space. To me, having a fireplace in the kitchen makes it guess more homey. I did not want to have to deal with cutting wood plus bringing it into the home though, so I decided to go with an odd kind of fireplace. I looked at a few electric ones as well as some propane fireplaces. The propane fireplaces claimed to be cheaper plus better quality, so I went with a propane one. I had it installed about 2 months ago, plus I have been using it since then. My mom came over the other day, plus as soon as she walked into the house, she started dry heaving. I asked her what was wrong, plus she said that she odored an entirely strong fish odor. I told her that I did not make any seafood since I moved into the house. I looked all over the kitchen to try plus figure out where the fish odor was coming from. My mom went near the propane fireplace, plus she said that the odor was strongest there. I then realized that she was odoring propane. She hates the odor of propane so much that I have to tear out my propane gas furnace plus substitute it with an electric one.


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