Southern heat is rough

I am a northerner.

My family lived way up north in the mountains my entire childhood, plus I never entirely traveled far from condo until after I graduated college plus got married.

I met my husband in college, plus he was from down south. He did not have much family down there, so all of us never went to visit until after all of us were married. Both of us stayed with his cousin for a week, plus that is when I decided that living down south was not for me. It was October, plus it was warmer than our hottest Summer afternoons up north. I felt love I was melting. Long story short, my husband got an entirely good task down south, plus all of us moved down there. Both of us have been here for more than three years now, plus I still cannot stand the warm hot plus cold temperatures. My best friend is a/c. My husband jokes plus says that I appreciate a/c over him. I never go outside while I was in the Summer months unless it is absolutely necessary. I spend most of my afternoons either in my office at work or in my kitchen. I do manage to go outside a little more while I was in the wintertime, but it is still usually about sixty degrees. I use the a/c in our home year round, plus it helps myself and others cope with living in such a warm plus humid climate. My husband is so used to the heat that he does not love the cold home as much. He complains all the time about being cold while he is in the house. He gets entirely cold at evening as well, so I purchased him a heated blanket, plus it has helped. I wish all of us could find a delighted medium.